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Since 1664 – 27/28 May 2017

Welcome to “Since 1664″ and for wanting to take in an epic Yomp, that every Royal Marine, serving or veteran who has taken part, has declared is as tough as any of the Commando Tests. 

This years event is in the Corps' 353rd year.  It promises to build on the success of 2015 and 2016 and like then the 2017 Yomp is open to other charities beyond just The Royal Marines Charity (formerly the RMCTF).  If the charity you want to raise money for has a live link on this page 


then it is possible that they will cover your registration fee - speak to them to find out.  If the charity you want to raise money for isn't listed, then ask them to contact us and we'll see if we can make it happen.

Taking place over the late Whitsun weekend of 27/28 May 2017 the Yomp will test the physical and in particular the mental endurance of the toughest Yompers as you cover the equivalent of 40% of Mount Everest, while Yomping over 100 miles non stop.  90% of this challenge is in the head.

Are you tough enough?

Medical cover will be provided and there will be comprehensive marshal support, revamped as a result of lessons learned form 2015.  Whilst not confirmed we hope to be able to offer a team of elite physiotherapists/masseurs at various points to ease your aches and pains. There will be four scran stations en route, plus scran at the finish and a further four nutty and wets points. On completion transport back the start for those who need it, though in 2017 we will be asking for a small contribution as the cost of provision is exorbitant. The only thing you need to think about is the next mile… 103 times! In fact the mantra is that at no stage will you need to Yomp more than 3 miles in the next hour and surely anyone can walk 3 miles in the next hour? 

However, be under no illusion that this is a stroll in the park - even though technically it is.  There is 12,000 ft of climb and descent over 100 miles in about 36 hours.  That is roughly 40% of Mount Everest!

So if you decide you are tough enough…..

Follow the links to sign up, if you’re not quite Kings Squad ready please see what you can do to help, if you are feeling philanthropic look for the corporate sponsor opportunities, or simply sponsor one of the team members.


Top Fundraisers

Lance Anelay£1,636.64
Mark Chisholm£1,480.00
Nick Baker£1,386.00
Allan McManus£765.88
Rachel Lewis£680.00
Yomp supporter£598.92
Libby Leadbeater£566.00

Top Teams

Tough Stretcher£305.00
Team Fortitude£58.00
Zulu Runners£16.64
Westbury to Everest£10.00
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