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£20,000 Goal
70% of Goal
£13,920 Raised

Help young people build towards a brighter future

Date: Friday 2 February to Saturday 3 February 2018

Time: 6pm to 6am

West End Freshney Place Multi-Storey Car Park, Frederick Ward Way, Grimsby, N E Lincs, DN31 1ED

Willberforce College, Salthouse Road, Hull, HU8 9HD

Age restrictions: You must be over 11 to take part in this event. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the event (Under 11's will be considered at the Event managers discretion)

Give up your bed for one night and join us to sleep under the stars. The money you raise will be used locally by YMCA Humber and partner organisations in your neighbourhood to support young people in poverty and at risk of homelessness.

A warm room and refreshments will be available during the night, but you will need to make sure you’re well wrapped up!

So for one night only, let's sleep rough so others don't have to.

Top Fundraisers

Alan Burley£1,115.00
David Whittock£642.00
Helen Pine£620.00
Rob Walsh£570.00
Andrew Brown£440.00
Chris McAleese£412.50
Tracey Brown£330.00
Amanda Austin£275.00
Andrew Hornsby£250.00
Ricky Gatrill£245.00
Mary-ann Summerfield£223.00
Siobhan Porter£215.00
Daniel Drewery£205.00
Leanne Kohler£200.00
Mike Hedges£195.00
Brandon Stanley Gonsalves £195.00
Jeremy Hodson£190.00
Neil Grice£185.00
mae rawdon£177.00
John Manton£160.00
Kirsty Bourne£160.00
Tina Anscombe£155.00
Belinda Hazzard£154.00
Abbie Witherwick£148.00
Patrick Tamminen£145.00

Top Teams

Team YMCA£3,714.50
Team Humbercare£1,010.00
Ultimate Packaging£850.00
Harbour Place£840.00
ENGIE NEL£790.00
3rd Cleethorpes Scouts£375.00
Wilkin Chapman solicitors£358.00
Salvation Army£170.00
Friends of Croft Baker  donated  £250.00        Michael Hedges  donated  £85.00        Anon  donated  £59.17        Geoff Norman  donated  £50.00        Second Element Ltd  donated  £50.00        DON FORTUNE  donated  £40.00        Michael Tonge  donated  £40.00        Anon  donated  £30.00        Janet Sheedy  donated  £30.00        Marc Mead  donated  £30.00        Niel Strawson  donated  £30.00        sally skipworth  donated  £30.00        Sarah Watson and Friends  donated  £30.00        Simon Fox  donated  £30.00        Anita & Phil Reynolds  donated  £20.00        Anon  donated  £20.00        Anon  donated  £20.00        BERYL HUMPHREY  donated  £20.00        CAROLE & RON LAKE  donated  £20.00        Caroline Diable  donated  £20.00        DAVID ROBINSON  donated  £20.00        Jackie Griffiths  donated  £20.00        Jayne Carr  donated  £20.00        Jose Carr  donated  £20.00        JUDY HUMPHREY  donated  £20.00        Kat Hogarth  donated  £20.00        Penny Thompson  donated  £20.00        Rachael Fairburn  donated  £20.00        Rachael Hill  donated  £20.00        Stephen Oldridge  donated  £20.00        Susan Ram  donated  £20.00        Susan Ram  donated  £20.00        Pozitive Minds  donated  £15.00        Alison Catley  donated  £10.00        Amanda Roberts  donated  £10.00        Anne Perkins  donated  £10.00        Carol McConnell  donated  £10.00        D.B. JOHNSON  donated  £10.00        Dominic Drewery  donated  £10.00        Elizabeth Sandison  donated  £10.00        FRAN MIDDLETON  donated  £10.00        Helen Knights  donated  £10.00        IAN CARRATT  donated  £10.00        Jason Cunningham  donated  £10.00        Joanne Garmston  donated  £10.00        JOHN COOPER  donated  £10.00        Jonathan Rutter  donated  £10.00        KEN ADKINS  donated  £10.00        Leigh Brown  donated  £10.00        Linda Wray  donated  £10.00        Mark Dempsey  donated  £10.00        MARKO HUMPHREY  donated  £10.00        PAM CARRATT  donated  £10.00        Rachel Tutty  donated  £10.00        SARAH TAYLOR  donated  £10.00        STEVE & MARY OATEN  donated  £10.00        T & W HAWKIN  donated  £10.00        Teresa Hawker  donated  £10.00        Trix Humphrey  donated  £10.00        Barbara Winter  donated  £5.00        Chris Smith  donated  £5.00        Christine Huxley  donated  £5.00        HILARY BROWN  donated  £5.00        J Watson  donated  £5.00        JAGPREET SINGH  donated  £5.00        Jimbob Marley  donated  £5.00        JO SMITH  donated  £5.00        Lesley Butcher  donated  £5.00        Naomi Allison  donated  £5.00        neil hopkins  donated  £5.00        Pat Tuohy  donated  £5.00        Philippa Davis  donated  £5.00        SUE ROWELL  donated  £5.00        Julie Harrison  donated  £4.00        JAN KIRKBY  donated  £3.46        LISA CATTO  donated  £1.50        Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Anon  donated an undisclosed amount         Bridget Reilly  donated an undisclosed amount         Claire Anderson  donated an undisclosed amount         David & Gillian Coates  donated an undisclosed amount         Dawn Braithwaite  donated an undisclosed amount         Fox Recruitment Uk Limited  donated an undisclosed amount         Jean Davies  donated an undisclosed amount         Margaret Whitaker  donated an undisclosed amount         Marlene Maudson  donated an undisclosed amount         Micheal Newbury  donated an undisclosed amount         Peter Maudson  donated an undisclosed amount         Stephen McConnell  donated an undisclosed amount         Steve and Val Wright  donated an undisclosed amount        
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