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During the months of June and July there will be displays of attractively designed sunflower plaques ‘planted’ in bright yellow barrows throughout the Hospice gardens, each sunflower bearing the name of a loved one.

In return for a donation, we will write the name of someone special to you on one of the lovely sunflower plaques, which will then be ‘planted’ with many others, forming a beautiful display of yellow blooms. 

The Sunflower displays will go on display at our Summer Fete on Saturday 10th June and remain in the hospice garden until the Sunflower Day on Sunday 9th July and everyone is welcome to visit and view them.

On Sunday 9th July, we will be holding a special Sunflower Day at the hospice that will have the emphasis of remembering all those who have had sunflowers dedicated to them. You can pop along with family and friends to view your flower and celebrate the memories you hold dear. 

The service will take place between 12noon and 1pm. You are welcome to join us in the afternoon for a picnic in the hospice garden, some uplifting entertainment and the day will finish with a dove release at 4pm.

You are welcome to take your sunflower home on the day or collect it from our hospice reception after the 11th July.

If you would like more information about the Sunflower Summer campaign, please contact Legacy and In Memory Coordinator Ed Pearce on 01268 524 973 or email

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